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Pick RC Lipo Battery?, Here Its Tips

With the improvement of interest in playing aeromodelling, specialist has given careful consideration on the choice of the RC lipo battery. For the choice of the RC lipo, it carries on the clarification primarily from two parts of battery’s voltage and limit :

# Voltage

Its voltage ought to be the same or somewhat higher than the voltage of electric engine.

# Limit

Unit of the battery limit is AH, and there is the bigger limit and the bigger size under a similar voltage. For instance, the electric engine has the working current of 10A and the voltage of 12V, which is 10A*12V= 120W. On the off chance that furnished with the 12V/10AH batteries, the electric engine can labor for 60 minutes. In the event that the appraised working current of the 120W/12V DC engine is around 10A, its ability is 40Wh when it fills in as the most extreme force of 120W for 20 minutes, and the limit required for the battery pack is around 12V4Ah, and the prepared is power-sort battery.

# Structure

More often than not, lithium batteries have two regular sorts of shape, including chamber shape and square shape. It is utilized the helical looping structure as the inward of battery, and made interims between the positive and negative terminals by a sort of polyethylene film detachment material with high multifaceted design and solid porousness. The positive terminal is the present gatherer made out of lithium cobalt oxide and aluminum thwart, and the negative cathode is the present authority made out of graphitized carbon material and copper thwart. Battery is loaded with natural electrolyte arrangement, and introduced with security valve and PTC segments, to shield the battery from harm in irregular conditions and when the yield is shortcircuited.

Why is it so popular?

— High voltage and light weight features

The average voltage of a single battery can reach 3.7V or 3.2V. If customer requires the battery with the qualified voltage, lithium is the best choice as it can be composed of a lithium pack easily and provide convenient and efficient access to improve the voltage of lithium.

— Compared with other battery, lithium has higher capacity and density

Lipo battery has high energy storage density, at present, density of the common used battery can reach 450-620Wh/kg, which is 5-7 times higher than the lead-acid battery. In addition, pollution is one of the most important problems considered when people prefer to use lithium battery.

— Large capacity and long life

The weight of a single lithium is about 5-6 times of the lead-acid. Although there are less differences in weight between the lithium and polymer, people prefer to choose the lithium as its capacity and life.

The service life of a single lithium can be above 6 years and even 9 years if nothing goes wrong. The normal quantity of use is more than 1000 times, if there are no accidents, it can be used beyond 1500 times.

— Low self-discharge and no memory effect

Lithium is equipped with protection plate during the production, which can make the lithium have an effect of over-charge and discharge. As lithium have high power tolerance, lithium used for electric vehicle can produce high-performance charge and discharge of 15-30C for the high-strength acceleration performance in starting of the electric vehicle.